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CrossFit 19.4 Open Workout

Week 4 of the open is upon us with 2 couplets separated with a 3 minute rest.  What is your goal for this workout?  The second part is where the real workout begins.  The first couplet is more of a buy-in for a heavy  gymnastics volume paired with burpees, just to keep you breathing, hoping to break your form on the bar muscle ups.  Choose a goal for this workout and stick to it.  For RX athletes, if bar muscle ups are out of the question, empty the tank on the first part or go for the scaled version and stay disciplined with your sets of pull-ups.  If muscle up are attainable, try and keep sets small focusing on maintaining a long lever arm for maximal muscle up proficiency, while keeping a steady pace on the burpees. If gymnastics are your strong suit, pace the first couplet and go unbroken with the muscle ups, using the burpees to control your breathing for the upcoming set of muscle ups.  However you approach this workout, have a vision of what you would like to accomplish.